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South Florida real estate investment is skyrocketing as eager buyers are snatching up prize properties at rock bottom prices. The market is finally beginning to rebound and investors the world over are smelling the profit potential. Over 50% of all new real estate purchases in Miami are by foreign born individuals and corporations. Rents are at historic highs making a quality property purchased at the right price profitable from day one.

The real estate buying process in America, and especially Florida, is normally a relatively easy transaction and much more fluid than in other parts of the world. Typically, there will be two real estate agents involved in a real estate transaction. Although technically both agents are working on behalf of the seller, as a practical matter, one works closely with the buyer. The buyer pays nothing to the real estate agents. If there are two agents, their commission is split between them based on the final sale price of the property.

When a formal offer is accepted by a seller, normally an international buyer pays a deposit via wire transfer into an escrow account. Payment of the deposit takes the property off the market and makes its status “pending sale”. There is then usually a short period of time when a buyer can have the home/property inspected. Based on the inspection report, the buyer can make a final decision whether or not to move forward with the purchase. Frequently, after a house/property inspection, there is another round of negotiation concerning the sale price and/or other terms of the sales contract.

At RECOEN, we will simplify the entire real estate transaction process for you by providing qualified real estate, legal and tax professionals to ensure that your investment is acquired the right way for the best price.



While foreign real estate investment in Miami is a pretty seamless process for the most part, coming into the transaction educated is paramount to ensure everything goes smoothly and that the least amount of taxes are paid, as there are special taxes imposed on foreign buyers.