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Property Management


Helping your real estate investment succeed

Many of our foreign buyers purchase properties in Miami to lease out for investment income. This can become a very frustrating and a virtually impossible undertaking while living in another country, in another time zone and without local contacts.

At RECOEN, we offer stress-free property management services to maintain and look after our clients’ properties as well as to operate them as successful rentals. We have working relationships with quality, responsible contractors to make sure maintenance is done in a timely, professional manner and at the most affordable prices.

We take pride in placing quality, respectable, and stable tenants in our clients’ properties. This is achieved through various means including valuating our properties for the rental market where they need to be through staying concurrent with trends, performing potential tenant interviews, background/credit checks, and securing the first month’s rent, last month’s rent and a security deposit at the signing of a lease to ensure investments stay profitable. The last thing you want to do is have to evict a tenant, something that can often take months and put you in the red much faster than you can imagine. This is why we strive to place only the best people in your prized property and to keep things as stress-free as possible for you.

Quality property management can make or break a real estate investment. As real estate investment consultants, we know the importance of keeping properties well maintained, up to code, occupied by quality tenants and not only growing in equity, but staying positive on a monthly cash flow basis as well. 



We also have the resources and ability to manage full-on renovations and updates to our clients’ properties and we make sure construction stays on schedule and budget. We seek out multiple quotes on building materials, services and complete project proposals from insured and licensed contractors to make sure you will never be liable for sub-par work.